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SAMMY: A Ubiquitous Digital Engagement, Monetization, and Customer Experience Management Platform

SAMMY is a purpose built multi-tenancy software platform where the core foundation is built around middleware, analytics and policy management. The SAMMY Platform can be deployed on public cloud or on-premise private cloud.

SAMMY supports ubiquitous digital engagement via Mobile App, Wi-Fi Captive Portal, SMS, email and Digital Signage from the time of customer acquisition and through the entire customer lifecycle.

SAMMY mobile SDK has been purpose built to deliver seamless digital engagement and superior customer experience management. It supports intelligent location sensing and automatic authentication capability to avoid manual intervention. Enterprises can develop their mobile app for their customers and staff on top of the mobile SDK or integrate it with their existing app.

SAMMY enriches the customer profile by continuously capturing real-time data from multiple user touch points. Real-time location and mobility insights are captured from wireless networks and a wide range of IoT devices as well. The insights are optimized to create actionable data streams and are exchanged with external systems that support and deliver tailormade use cases & workflows that help in improving Customer Service, Increase Revenue and Decrease Operational Costs.

With SAMMY, you can..

Deliver Ubiquitous Digital Engagement to Your Customers

On-premise multi-channel, real-time digital engagement and off-premise engagement via Mobile App, Captive Portal, SMS, email, Digital Signage, Social media, etc.

Make CRM Systems More Intelligent

Customer location, mobility, preferences, and other behavioral insights are captured. The customer profile, in the CRM, is enriched constantly across the entire life cycle.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

By capturing and converting customer location, mobility and other insights to actionable data streams, customer services can be delivered to the preference and convenience of the customer through tailor made dynamic work flows.

Increase Per Customer Revenue

By utilizing the SAMMY CRM Connectors and built-in Advertisement and Analytics modules in SAMMY, CRM systems can extend the delivery of targeted marketing campaigns to Mobile App and Wi-Fi Captive Portals, which enable to increase revenue per customer.

Improve efficiency and productivity of IT and HR Assets

Augment data in ERP and BI Systems with the enriched customer profile and tailor made actionable data streams to allocate and manage IT and HR Assets efficiently.

SAMMY Console

SAMMY acts as a middleware system with enhanced ability to understand your customer's behavioural patterns from sources such as Wi-Fi, Native apps, social media, booking engines, POS systems and web-portals to give your employees actionable insights and drive targeted promotions.

vamps console snapshot


Use location based insights to serve your customers better

Push and track promotions in real time

Leverage behavioral insights to enhance customer experience

See How Our Platform Can Transform The Way You Engage With Customers


Improving guest experiences has become a struggle for hotels. Your guest engagement needs to move beyond your typical process or product offerings by creating a personalised experience to every single guest.


Access to education and interaction between students and staff is becoming increasingly democratized through social interaction, online learning, greater digital access and mobility. SAMMY makes this possible.


The retail industry is currently witnessing the most dramatic shift in consumer shopping preferences, behaviour, and expectations. In-store experiences have taken priority how a customer is engaged inside a store make all the difference.


Driving patient engagement and physician efficiency has become priority for healthcare companies in the recent past. SAMMY helps drive patient engagement through updates, context aware promotions and reminders.



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