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3 Ways Concierges Can Use Technology to Craft Guest Experience

The role of hotel concierge has evolved over the years. Earlier a concierge was only needed to book transportation, make spa reservations/arrangements, and recommend the latest night life hot spots. However, with the ubiquitousness of technology, hotel guests no longer need the concierge to get this information. All they (guests) need is a smartphone and a working internet connection. So, is the role of a concierge obsolete? How are hotels tackling this challenge?

Before we go about answering this, let’s see how a concierge is looking at these challenges. The modern-day concierge, without the assistance of technology, spends too much time in doing inessential work, while they could be tailoring guest experience. Traditionally, a concierge held a prominent position in the hospitality industry. The position and the term concierge was coined in the mid-to-late 19th century. A concierge was trusted by royalty, and was responsible for efficient coordination of the household and performed special tasks if and when requested. In the hospitality industry, concierges usually held the keys for the best rooms, and had the knowledge of the best places in that location.

Is a concierge’s job obsolete?

Given the widespread use of technology, some might say that a concierge’s role has become outdated. But technology is a concierge’s best bet. By automating specific tasks, concierges can leverage their networks and create unforgettable experiences for their guests. Here’s how technology can help concierges revive their role and create unique guest experiences:


As discussed above, most of the time in a concierge’s day is spent doing mundane tasks. In our research, we have found that on average a concierge has at least 7-8 browser windows open – work email, personal email, concierge system, PMS, housekeeping system, calendar, and Google.

Given the amount of coordination, concierges tend to miss out of details and the essence of a unique experience for the guests is lost. With a myriad of consumer-focused apps readily available, guests can book a table easily and quickly. All this is done using the latest in mobile technology. However, the guests reap all the benefits in this scenario but miss out on the local knowledge provided by concierges.

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By leveraging concierge-focused technology tools, concierges can manage the above-mentioned reservation process within a single system while providing meaningful insights to guests. These tools also integrate with the hotel’s PMS system – hence any modifications or changes would be automatically updated. With the right technology, a concierge will have to spend less time doing mundane tasks, which often trail reservation bookings, and instead spend the much-needed time to enhance guest experience.

Leverage your Network

For a concierge, staying up to date with the latest clubs, bars, restaurants, galleries, and performances in a city like Los Angeles can be vexing. For hotels, this is another aspect where technology can be used to gain a competitive edge.

Having a single system to manage all concierge and hotel-related queries allows for departments across the entire hotel to coordinate and serve the guest better. Each member of the staff can add the latest hot spots with their quirks to make it even more exciting for the guest.

Gain Insights into Guest Habits

A happy guest is a well-served guest. How is this possible? When a concierge uses technology! As the database builds, concierges and hoteliers can have a better understanding of guest habits, and preferences, which in turn improve the suggestions and recommendations.

Using this knowledge, concierges can put forth new ideas to on-property restaurants, bars, and spas. With a robust database system, concierges can make reservations for loyal and high-profile guests during check-in.

To summarize, technology helps in automating mundane tasks, provides insights to serve guests better. Personalization is key to survive in the hospitality industry, and technology helps concierges and hoteliers provide just that!

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What do you think about this article? Was it helpful? Do you agree that technology will aide a concierge? Let us know by commenting below.

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