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8 Reasons Hotels should Upgrade WiFi Infrastructure

In today’s digital era, personal tasks and business communication can only flourish with a robust WiFi and communication infrastructure that supports speed. Research confirms that almost 91% of hotel guests make booking decisions based on the quality of WiFi that a hotel offers.

Right from booking a hotel room, to checking-in, using the banquet rooms, restaurant, commute services, using in-room food and condiments, and probably indulging with your spa packages can happen digitally with smartphones.

Mobility adds deep value to the hotel business, both monetarily and in building relationships. And the efficiency of your hotel’s mobility is closely dependent on the quality of wi-fi infrastructure. 89% of consumers say free WiFi influences their hotel booking decision. To so much as begin with digital transformation, mobility driven by WiFi and its seamless infrastructure is a must-have.

Reasons Hotels Should Upgrade

Guests are clearly inclined towards hotels that offer fast and reliable WiFi as a part of their stay. It’s more than just another guests’ need, the hotel also benefits with implementation of a WiFi infrastructure. Some of the benefits that the industry has identified are listed below. Also, in the process of providing infrastructure and technology solutions to the hospitality industry, we have witnessed some benefits exclusive to this industry, that are shared here.

1. Guest Changing Expectations: Guests expect ubiquitous connectivity for all their devices and applications along with customized offers, content, and guest services. Their preferences and needs change in a given day and over repeated visits. New guests also come with pre notioned expectations that need to be catered to. Manual processes that are offline cannot fulfill such dynamism. Mobile check-ins, mobile keys, auto-authentication and data-driven services accomplish these needs.

2. Better Customer Insights: With digital interactions, data can be easily stored, processed, cataloged, represented and reproduced while drawing insights. Insights related to customer satisfaction and experience, in-room experience, and customer service preferences can be ascertained by the hotelier in real-time.

3. Competitive Advantage: With georelevance, your hotel gains a competitive advantage by targeting only those customers who are looking for hospitality solutions in a specific location. Localized and personalized communication increases the propensity of conversions.

4. Increased Revenues: WiFi enables mobility, digitization, personalization, and localization. They add more revenue streams to the existing avenues. In-room purchases, digital purchase of spa appointments, restaurant bookings, and repeated occupancy can increase the frequency of purchase by a single customer. Partnering with travel companies can be introduced through integrated digital booking systems.

5. Smart Operations: A sound WiFi infrastructure also brings in operational excellence. With the emergence of IoT, not only consumer homes, but also hotels are empowered with auto-correction, proactive disaster management, self-repairing systems, and auto-adjusts. Some of these benefits are also provided to the guest directly. For instance, identifying errors or updating adjustments in the HVAC systems is possible with WiFi. These systems are not just the air-conditioners in the guest rooms, but also the kitchen, laundry area, emergency exits, and other such aspects of the property.

6. Better brand resonance and scalability across geographies: Installation of high-speed internet can solve bandwidth issues in multiple locations. This is by  bringing higher bandwidth to CAT5-based network. The end-to-end solution also can include phone and HD video to rooms, in addition to creating a mesh network with segmentation to separate guest and operations traffic.

7. Privacy and security: WiFi installment can help in increasing the guest’s data privacy as well as of the hotel within the framework of the hotel. To keep the WiFi network safe and allow BYOD, hotels include a firewall, role-based access control, profiling, and IDS/IPS. However, the health of your WiFi needs to be checked and updated periodically.

8. Better technology enablement: The existing technology can also be upgraded with WiFi. Hotels can leverage customer engagement platforms such as SAMMY to ensure better interaction between the hotel and guest. SAMMY also integrates all information systems for better insights and response by the hotel in real-time,creating a better customer experience.

Your Action Plan

Ensure your WiFi infrastructure is in place and that you have a constructive partner who can conduct timely audits of the infra. At Savantis, we support hotels with a WiFi health checks to detect dead WiFi spots, poor connections, weak security, RF interference, and other customer connection issues. Here is a roadmap to transforming your hotel once you start with WiFi health check.

As a part of WiFi infrastructure implementation, we also integrate platforms like SAMMY to leverage upon customer engagement capabilities. WiFi allows reading real-time location and mobility insights which  are captured from wireless networks and a wide range of IoT devices.

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