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Hoteliers from around the world follow a wide variety of location-based marketing techniques. The techniques and campaigns are aimed at attracting more guests into hotel properties and increase hotel revenue. Some of the techniques include push notifications, social media posting,

With over 1.7 billion dollars invested in blockchain, it is evident that the technology will prevail over the next few years. Blockchain technology has several applications, and enterprises across industries are trying to leverage it for business benefits. But what

Improving guest experience is the top priority for hoteliers. A study conducted by Hospitality Technology states that the top priority for hotels is technology investment to improve customer engagement and loyalty. Despite the proactiveness, hoteliers and hotels are having to

A long time ago, the hospitality industry had a simple role in people’s lives. It was an industry that catered to people who wanted to rest when not at home. However, the paradigm has shifted. The industry is now one

For hotel guests, free WiFi is the most desired feature. However, hotels and hoteliers are still struggling to provide a gratifying internet experience. Unlike the old days, Wi-Fi in hotels has become a necessity. Hoteliers must look at Wi-Fi as

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