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What is SAMMY for Education?

University campuses have a wealth of resources to offer their students. However, there is no straightforward solution to support and guide them on their journey through the freshman year to graduation. SAMMY allows students to digitally engage, communicate and explore the university’s physical, informational, human, and social resources while providing faculty, administrators, and campus vendors with data critical to operations and resource management.

How does SAMMY help your institution?

SAMMY for Education brings together the complexities of university life to create an integrated system that improves digital engagement and operational efficiencies for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and vendors

SAMMY offers you

Customizable dashboards give each user quick and easy access to the people, places, content that they need, in real time.

With SAMMY you can create

Personalized Education:

Students can customize the course they wish to take in just a few clicks.

Discount offers on books related to the courses.

Promote events and conferences based on the books ordered by students.

Cohesive Campus:

Offer automatic check-in and log-in features at events.

Optimize scheduling

Track attendance

Deliver notifications straight to students

Track student flow within the campus

Improve safety standards


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