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With hospitals and clinics rushing to meet the ever-growing demand for personalized healthcare, digital transformation has become the need of the hour. An enterprise mobility services platform like SAMMY helps you deliver meaningful and positive experiences for patients, administrators, nurses and doctors.

How does SAMMY help the healthcare industry?

Improves Patient Experience

Identify patient on arrival and display “welcome” message on mobile device Provide wayfinding and map navigation services

Increases Operational Efficiencies

Notify doctors and nurses of patient arrival. Notify pharmacy of patient arrival.

Improves Staff Productivity

Send hospital and health information to patient based on location. Understand primary patient, guest, and care team location analytics (waiting time, foot traffic patterns).

Optimizes IT Operations

Grant access to applications based on user location and role. Optimize job assignments through assigning closest resource to job location. Trigger events by patient and care team location.

Personalise Healthcare with The Power of Analytics

SAMMY’ Personalized Engagement Platform with Location and Application Insights provides clinics and hospitals a chance to personalize healthcare. By monitoring the status, location and interactions of people and resources, it provides data in real-time coupled with powerful visual analytics to measure performance, and pinpoint opportunities for process improvement. The solution offers several options and integrations to expand security, increase patient safety and support efficient workflow.


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