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How Hotels can Improve Guest Experience through Upselling and Cross-selling

Improving guest experience can be a win-win for both hotels and guests. To make hotel stay memorable for guests, you don’t have to shower them with gifts. A hospitality provider can enable a seamless experience simply by making all the tools and services conveniently available so that the guests can shape their own experience. Today’s customer wants to feel empowered as he or she shapes a delightful experience utilizing the provided options.

How are guest experience and upselling related?

Every seamless experience has the potential to enable impulse buying. If you make your guest work for availing your service or product, they will begin to second-guess their buying decision and if they really need it or not in the first place. Impulse buying doesn’t happen in long queues at the retail store. It happens in the online buying experiences where the customer avails “lightning” deals. It happens at the Amazon Go store where the buyer doesn’t have to stand in a line or swipe a card. Coupling seamless experiences with well-placed, discounted offerings is the entire science of impulse buying in a nutshell.

Your hotel guests don’t stop spending right after booking a hotel. During their stay, you have their undivided attention and they are more than willing to shape and upgrade their experience. A CTI study revealed that nearly 2 in 3 guests are interested in additional services. Hoteliers must position their services and offerings to create more selling opportunities. This way, you continue to provide better guest experience through your best services, and generate more revenue in doing that.

How can technology be your primary enabler?

With technology, you can truly know your guests and engage them in a seamless experience. Successful upselling demands personalization as guests are far more likely to be enticed with offerings that address their preferences. The hospitality sector must upgrade their legacy systems and become insight-driven utilizing the guest data to understand guest needs better. Such personalized, seamless experiences can only be delivered by enabling mobility through latest technologies.

Personalization isn’t a new concept at all. Hotels and restaurants have always tried to be ready for their regular customer with their regular order. That small bit is personalization. Today, the scales for personalization have completely changed with the introduction of technology. Moreover, guests are willing to share their data for offers and suggestions customized for them. Hotels can harness this data and create the perfect guest experience. Artificial intelligence can truly enable this data to provide actionable insights to the decision-makers and marketers. A much more targeted marketing approach can be executed to increase return rates and boost revenues. With guests sharing data such as location, hotels can successfully leverage location-based technologies to provide improved suggestions.

These different technologies are packaged in mobility. If you’re able to take advantage of your guests’ digital habits on their mobile devices, your hotel is ready to successfully upsell and cross-sell your services. We, at Savantis, offer an omnichannel digital engagement solution called SAMMY that can integrate with your current software ecosystem as well as with your WiFi. Using SAMMY, you can send out push notifications for offers and suggestions to your guests based on their needs and preferences. Through these notifications, hotels can inform guests of events happening in their property such as an extended happy hour at the bar. They can make guests’ lives easier by giving simple options such as a late checkout option on their mobile device.

As guests begin to choose from the additional services you offer, SAMMY will create user personas for you to understand which guests are more likely to avail what kind of service. SAMMY also provides you insights to help you better understand what guests might want in future allowing you to plan developments for your property and technology.

Here is your action plan to upsell and cross-sell

1. Upgrade
If you’re looking to upgrade guest experience through upselling, you can’t begin to do that without upgrading your legacy systems. Start with upgrading your WiFi infrastructure so that your guests’ mobile devices have a fast internet connection which boosts their activity and improves your understanding of their digital habits.

2. Decide

Think of what your guest might want at different touchpoints with your hotel and what you can offer. Understanding your guest journey is paramount to offer anything additional so that it stays relevant. Your primary goal is still making their hotel stay comfortable and memorable. You’re only looking for opportunities to sell more of what they might want more. These options can be upgraded room type, early check-in, late check-out, breakfast packages, spa treatment, extra meeting room and so much more.

3. Implement
You can implement a platform that can help you digitally engage with these guests. As guests navigate through your platform on their mobile devices or on your self-service kiosk, offers and suggestions can be strategically placed or delivered via prompts and push notifications. This allows guests to opt in without hotel staff over their head. This provides a simple, convenient experience with just a tap. However, your hotel staff can upsell as well by simply making spontaneous recommendations personalized to what guest might need. It’s important to train your staff so that they can truly demonstrate value without being intrusive.

4. Personalize and improve
Leverage AI to learn more from the guest data that you gather. As your system begins to identify user personas, you can make personalized suggestions. For example, a family with children might be interested in a bigger room and other family-related offerings. A businessman is likely to find a spare meeting room useful.

Upselling and cross-selling are far more than a sales tactic. These can be your tactic to improve guest experience if you leverage them the right way. You can deliver more value for your guests in offering them your best. Your hotel generates more revenue and your guests are more satisfied.

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