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How Is Mobile Technology Changing the Way Hoteliers Service Their Business

The only thing constant is change. This adage holds true for many industries and the hospitality industry is no exception. In the current situation, the word mobile-technology has more context in the hospitality industry. Hoteliers, like always, need to be abreast about the current trends and emerging ones to serve their guests better and stay ahead of the competition curve. Similarly, priorities have also changed – it is not to just attract customers but improve their experience so that they keep coming back. And the fact that there are numerous customer touch points, the need for a sophisticated mobility platform is essential.

Many hotels have gone mobile. Hotels have realized that native apps and responsive websites are the way forward. These apps and websites encourage potential customers to check room availability, book rooms, view pictures, read reviews, and browse through the services offered. All this is possible from anywhere in the world. Mobile apps also give hotels the chance to push exclusive promotions such as offers, events, etc.

Mobile apps are unique because they let hotels market to a wider audience in unique ways.

Hotels use online CMSs to share information with their guests in real-time. CMSs (Content Management Systems) allow for changes to be reflected instantly on all mobile devices. These systems make it possible for hoteliers to update or modify their services and guests can be instantly notified about the change.

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Mobile technology encourages self-service. Although it might seem counterproductive, the scope of taking advantage of services that are obtained instantly is high. Services such as mobile check-in and check-out, calling the concierge, making dinner reservations, ordering room service, checking dry cleaning and laundry status, and making online payments.

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Loyalty programs offered via mobile apps have shown an increase in business for many hotels. Guests who are often given loyalty rewards end up coming back more often and eventually become brand ambassadors. Context based messaging techniques are used here to make the most out of guest profile. Information regarding purchase history, behavior, and location help in creating a context based message that is rich with promotions. These programs may not just be limited to guests while they are staying at a hotel; hotels can use this feature in partnership with their other outlets to push promotions.

Along with context based messaging, mobile technology allows for location based marketing as well. If a guest is moving around a hotel and is near a restaurant (within the hotel), located based promotions can be pushed. These promotions can be based on the guest’s behavior, buying pattern, and choice of food and drink.

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