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Deliver a Frictionless Shopper Experience

With the online bubble ever expanding, traditional brick and mortar stores are finding it difficult to keep up. Online competition is disruptive to say the least. Therefore, for conventional stores to stay relevant in today’s world, digital transformation is key.

How does SAMMY help your retail store?

SAMMY allows you to understand your customers better. It lets you detect, connect and engage with customers effectively. You can measure engagements levels and act accordingly.

With SAMMY You Can

Deliver store specific information and advertising/marketing campaigns: Display recent purchases, personalized promotions, rewards programs when your customers are in proximity of your store. Offer flash promotions to first time shoppers

Shorten cashier lines by offering online ordering and store pick-up. Provide ordering status updates via mobile App.

Communicate in real time with your staff via the mobile app.

Analyze. Gain Insights. Act.

Our rich context-based dashboards give you enhanced visibility into your customers purchasing habits. Measure the success of marketing campaigns and tweak it for better ROI. Monitor network usage and infrastructure.

SAMMY Helps Unlock

New retail brand engagement opportunities like proximity advertising and digital in-store signage
Options for intuitive product selection via augmented and virtual realities
New ways for customers to discover and choose products
New methods for engaging directly with customers on the channels and devices they use


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