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Technology Trends in Hospitality

Top Communication Technology Trends in Hospitality

A long time ago, the hospitality industry had a simple role in people’s lives. It was an industry that catered to people who wanted to rest when not at home. However, the paradigm has shifted. The industry is now one of the most sought-after industries.

Over the last couple of decades, the role of technology has changed the landscape of the hospitality industry. It has allowed for businesses expand their horizon. Nevertheless, hotels, casinos, and resorts will stay relevant if they are abreast with the trends in the industry. So, here are the top communication technology trends in the hospitality industry.

If all hoteliers were asked to pinpoint a challenge regarding the communication technology, then the answer would be bandwidth. It is a concern for all leading hotels and hoteliers across the world, and especially in the United States. With guests carrying an average of three smart devices, the need to bandwidth to support all guests and their devices is high. Now, take this average number of devices per guest and multiply it with the number of rooms, and hoteliers have a huge challenge to face. Therefore, the demand for bandwidth is high among hoteliers. And given that to provide a great guest experience includes Wi-Fi, the frustration of hoteliers is understandable.

Native Hotel Apps for Guests

Millennials take pride in staying connected always. So, the question that needs to be asked here is, why aren’t they connected with their favorite hotel. Hotels apps have revolutionized the way guests interact with hotels. Apps allow for every detail of the guest experience to be manifested. Apps that are designed smartly can do everything from notifying guests about exclusive deals to loyalty programs to hotel services.

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Most hotel chains have apps that provide such experiences to their guests. Here are a few things that native hotel apps do to enhance guest experience:

  • Smartphone as door key – it is captivating that a simple function such as a key can undergo such transformation. The transition was from metal keys to electronic key cards to smartphones. In the future, NFC technology is expected to completely change keyless entry to hotel rooms.
  • Service Automation – who would have thought that self-service would make a comeback! Today’s guests prefer doing simple tasks themselves. Through the power of technology, room service can be ordered through smartphones. With technology, basic service request can be automated; this allows for fewer staff to be present on call. This also allows for enhancing the guest experience.
  • Location based services – with the help of technology, concierges and hotel staff can pinpoint where their guests are. When guests are on property, it is obvious that they will connect to the Wi-Fi network. Technology has allowed for precise location mapping, which can help in promoting offers based on the guest location. This is one of the biggest trends in the industry.

Social Media

More often than not, hotel guests don’t directly tell hoteliers how much they enjoyed their stay. Guests do this in the form of social posts, which are often liked by their friends and family. The latest trend in the hospitality communication technology is social listening. For an industry that run on reviews, these social posts can help pivot the business quickly. Social listening tools allow hoteliers to know more about the needs, wants, desires, and complaints of guests and provides a chance to communicate with the guest directly. This trend is expected to make it big in the years to come.

How is the future of communication technology in hospitality going to look like?

The fact that guests will continue to travel with their devices will only increase the scope of communication technology. The demand for high-speed internet and bandwidth is only going to increase. So, internet service providers beware! Similarly, hoteliers beware – to effectively manage this load in the future a ubiquitous digital engagement, and customer experience management platform is needed. Ultimately every advantage counts in the hospitality industry.

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