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Is Wi-Fi Crucial to Enhance Guest Experience?

Improving guest experience is the top priority for hoteliers. A study conducted by Hospitality Technology states that the top priority for hotels is technology investment to improve customer engagement and loyalty. Despite the proactiveness, hoteliers and hotels are having to compete with the omnipresence of smartphones.

Today’s guests carry some sort of mobile technology with them at all times. Smartphones have become a crucial touchpoint for the hospitality industry through which hoteliers can improve guest experience. Improving customer experience starts with digital booking, continues with guests surfing the internet while they are inside the hotel, controlling their room temperature, etc.

Free Wi-Fi usually takes the top spot in a list of factors that influence booking decisions for hotel guests. Having a robust Wi-Fi system has many benefits – the most obvious being customers being able to surf the internet.

Additionally, using Wi-Fi, guests can check-in and check-out, make payments, access promotions & discounts, control room access, configure the ambience of the room, and more. This is only possible if hotels have a strong Wi-Fi network. With 4G and LTE speeds skyrocketing, a slow and unresponsive Wi-Fi network makes it that much more difficult to please guests.

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Unlike other challenges that hotels and hoteliers face, poor Wi-Fi speed is the result of an old and outdated technology. To enchant today’s guests, most of whom are millennials, having a tenacious Wi-Fi technology is essential. Hoteliers should access the situation and contemplate if they need to upgrade their existing Wi-Fi technology or replace it completely. This come to a decision, hoteliers will have to gather insights on what their guests want. A simple survey can give hoteliers the much-needed insights they need to enhance guest experience.

A key aspect of Wi-Fi networks that are spread over vast areas, which is usually the case for hotels, is connectivity and bandwidth. Often, guests complain that they can’t connect with the hotel Wi-Fi network. This is because hundreds of individuals are already connected to the same network. This challenge is often overlooked by hotels. However, it is an important aspect of customer satisfaction. A simple upgrade will ensure that bandwidth is extended to remote parts of any property.

A few hotels still believe that a Wi-Fi network is exclusive for their staff and often do not offer it guests. This notion of exclusivity needs to change. Other hotels charge their guests for Wi-Fi. Such hotels should revisit their policy and revise it at the earliest. Hotels have so much to gain if Wi-Fi is offered freely.

An improved Wi-Fi network helps in developing a healthy social customer relationship.

As the adoption of IoT applications is steadily increasing, having a stark Wi-Fi technology will become necessary for hotels. It also helps in location based promotions as well. The retail industry has witnessed an exponential increase in top line through location based promotions. Through LBP, retailers could attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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Similar to retailers, hoteliers can promote specific offers and discounts on their services. Promotions such as offers in restaurants, spas, etc. These promotions go directly to the guest’s mobile device. In addition, hoteliers can tailor the promotions based on the guest. In other words, hotels can geofence their properties and initiate promotions whenever a customer is in a virtually predefined area. This is not only cost effective but also give hotels the ability to scale to a larger customer base overtime.

Having a secure hotel Wi-Fi network infrastructure will allow hotels to serve their guests better. The overall value that Wi-Fi networks bring is immense and will only help in increasing the top line for hotels. It also helps in redesigning guest experience in a way that guests will want to return to the hotel.

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