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Get the most out of your WiFi Network

WiFi is an integral part of a successful hotel. Today’s hotel business leaders realize the marketing opportunities in their WiFi network.

As most people connect to WiFi to check its speed or look at their mail even before they have time to unpack their things, this first connection can be leveraged better. You can redirect visitors to your site or invite them to visit your hotel page on Facebook and Twitter. WiFi should not only be a convenient service for your guests, but also an important part of your marketing strategy. In order to strengthen your network and get the most out of it, we offer you WiFi health check.

The main challenges faced by customers prior to WiFi network:

Dead WiFi spots

Poor connections

Weak security

RF Interference

Customer connection issues

Learn More About WiFi Health Check

Savantis conducts a walk-through in your environment with the electronic equipment, assessing signal dynamics. The complete wireless testing takes a couple of hours for small and middle-sized companies. For large enterprises, the tests might be completed in 2-3 days.

By testing broadcast frequencies, access point placement and signal strengths, our team gathers the entire WiFi health check data and prepares a detailed report that describes different business risks. We give you findings and recommendations for improving your network and business performance.

Real-time location and mobility insights are captured from wireless networks and a wide range of IoT devices.

WiFi health check includes:

Consultation and planning
Analyzing of company policy and requirements
Audit of network and security issues
Spectrum Analysis
Wireless Site Survey
Analyzing of protocol
Findings Analysis
Preparing the full documentation and reports

Savantis guides you every step of the way to make the most of your wireless network. Contact us and our experts will be on your site within a few working days. Get in touch with us online to arrange and plan your WiFi Health Check.

Need Help with Your WiFi?

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